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[FAQ] How do I release a dormant account?
  •  [FAQ] How do I release a dormant account? 

    Accounts that have not been logged in for 1 year will be dormant.

    You can release it in the following two ways below.

    ■ Release method

    1. SMS authentication via your registered phone after logging in 

    2. Submit identification documents   [Click here for submitting identification documents]

     *Document guidelines:

      1) Photo of your face with a valid passport and hand written memo with your name and date of submission.


      2) Route: Support > Verification Help Center > Other Evidential document.

    If your mobile number has changed and can't receive SMS via your previous phone, you can release a dormant account by submitting your identification documents at [Verification Help Center]

    If you have difficulties with releasing a dormant account, please contact our customer support center by 1:1 inquiry or email: info@bithumbcorp.com 

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