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  • I agree to all of the Terms of Service (required), collection and use of personal information (required), collection and use of personal information (optional), marketing and event communication (optional).
  • You may still use our service even if you do not agree to optional items.
  • Anyone under the age of 19 cannot sign up for the membership or use our service.
  • Receiving channel : Email, SMS, Phone, App Push (* Reception preference can be set in notification settings menu)
  • Upon agreement to receive, you can select various alerts to receive, including withdrawal/deposit and settlement for transactions, listing of items, market condition information, services of partners and market prices.
  • I agree to set a Personal Information Validity Period ‘Valid Until Account Deletion’ (Optional)View more
  • Sent to accounts with a balance less than 1 million won and have not been logged in within 3 months
    (The balance shown will be based on the balance at the confirmation time 00H and cryptocurrency balance will be converted to the previous day`s closing market price)
  • Notified when a Top 10 virtual asset has market price spikes of more than 5% within 24 hours
  • Notifications are sent at max once per day and temporary market price changes may not be sent.
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