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Change / find login password
  •   Have you forgotten your login password?

    Find login password is possible from the 'Login screen'.

     ① Accurately enter the last name and first name used during registration.
     ② Accurately enter the email address used during registration.
     ③ Enter the security passcode


     • If all information has been entered correctly, a temporary password will be sent by email.
     • Log in using the temporary password received and change the password to what you desire.
      - Temporary password is alphabet case-sensitive.
      - If manual entry is inconvenient, please copy-and-paste the temporary password from the email received.

      Would you like to change your login password?

    Login password change is possible from ‘Security Center’. 

     ① Enter the current password.
     ② Set the new password.
     ③ Complete mobile phone authentication.
     ④ Enter the security passcode.


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