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[FAQ] I want to change my mobile number.
  •  [FAQ] I want to change my mobile number. 


    • General Sign-up : You can change your phone number at Login > Account management > My Page > change cellphone number

     - Only PC version is available.

       [Go to change phone number] 

     Easy Sign-up : If you sign up with 'Quick Sign-up' , you are unable to change your mobile phone number on the account.

                             Please sign up again with your new phone number if it has been changed.

                             If you have assets in your old account, please email us with following [Preparations] documents.


    1. Sign up Bithumb with a changed phone number (The owner of previous phone number and the owner of new phone number have to be same)

    2. Required documents

       1) Picutre of yourself holding your ID that the date of request is attached (+your name).

       2) Asset transfer agreement - Only a photo or a scanned agreement that you filled out with your hand is accepted.

    [How to write an email]

    Subject: Asset Transfer Request 

    Contents: I would like to transfer my asset because my mobile number has been changed. 

            - Former phone number :

            - New phone number :

            - name :

    Attachment : Required Documents of [Preparation] 1.2 

    ※ Depending on your account's verification level, additional document may be required.  

    -  Send to: asset2@bithumbcorp.com

     Attachments Asset transter agreement.pdf

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