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[FAQ] Digital assets incorrect deposit policies
  •  [FAQ] Digital assets  incorrect deposit policies

    Incorrect deposit processing based on wrong tag (memo, message) requires additional evidence documents.  

      Please send a picture of you logging into the exchange website or individual wallet that shows your TXID, 

      wallet address, and quantity of coin to [Support] - [Verification Help Center] - [Other evidential docuument]

    - Please send us [1:1 inquiry] if you wish to check your incorrect deposit. 

    - Incorrect deposit process is available to those who completed their KYC and level 2 or higher. 

    - Virtual assets not listed or no longer supported by Bithumb will be returned to another exchange or the user's personal wallet. 

    - An informative text message regarding transaction fee deposits will be sent prior to the handling of deposits to the wrong address.

    - For deposits made to wrong addresses that charge fees, the process may be delayed if the fees are not deposited.

    - The processing time may be extended if further confirmation is required. 

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