Be sure to take note for the protection
of your valuable personal data!
Holds various insurance policies to protect the assets of members
from the wide range of risks and personal data accidents that can occur in cyberspace.
Bithumb is raising its security level through the strengthening of internal security systems and personnel, but cyberattacks are evolving and intensifying in various forms.
With the preventive and defensive measures solely of the company, there may be difficulties in fully preparing for damage compensation for members when accidents occur. As such, Bithumb is covered through insurance companies for a total compensation limit of KRW 6 billion.
The New cyber comprehensive insurance of Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance and the Personal information leakage liability insurance of Heungkuk Fire & Marine Insurance each guarantee a KRW 3 billion compensation limit for a total compensation of KRW 6 billion.
My Access Information can be reviewed within the site.
Bithumb customers can directly review their own Access Information.
It can be reviewed in My Page, and an SMS is sent upon log-in.
If abnormal access or usage records are found, please change your password immediately.
My Page - Access Information
SMS sent upon log-in
Please change your password regularly.
Please change your password at least once every 3 months, and set a different password for each internet site.
Please set your password longer than 8 characters using a combination of at least 3 character types including the alphabet (upper-/lower-case), numbers, and special characters.
Examples of unsafe passwords
Password using a combination of 2 or less character types (※ There are 4 character types: upper-case alphabet, lower-case alphabet, special characters, numbers)
Password using 7 characters or less
Password comprised of widely known words
Password including personal information, such as ID, birthday and phone number
Password using a pattern such as the repetition of specific characters
Password using sequential keyboard entries like qwerty
Password using any suggested example of a password or the default system setting
Password previously used
Security will be strengthened if you set the OTP verification.
OTP can be set in My Page of the PC version.
My Page
- OTP verification
Check settings after
downloading the app
Complete after
OTP verification
Please delete the auto log-in function and saved cookie information.
Please try to refrain from using the auto log-in function as it increases the risk of personal data exposure.
Please be careful of sites, emails, and SMS impersonating Bithumb.
We have recently verified that there are fishing sites, emails, and SMS impersonating Bithumb. Please be aware of these issues.

Verification method of the Bithumb site (

When accessing using Chrome, the address bar as below ''is shown.

Verification method for Bithumb impersonating emails

Official Bithumb out-going email address,
Do not open emails from any other addresses and delete them immediately. Also, Bithumb does not request personal data from customers using only email and does not send emails that include attachments.

Verification method for Bithumb impersonating SMS

Official Bithumb out-going SMS number
1661-5566, 02-6978-8805

Bithumb does not include direct numbers or internet addresses within the log-in SMS. Never call the number or access the site, and delete the SMS message immediately.

Bithumb considers privacy protection and asset safety as our top priority. As we continue to do so, we also urge our members to take note of the above information to enjoy our transaction service in safety.

Thank you
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