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아이앤에스는 보안 프로토콜과 스마트 컨트랙트를 기반으로 제조업 기업 그리고 개인 제조업자들이 아이앤에스 플랫폼에 가입하고 제품을 등록, 마케팅 그리고 홍보 등을 하며, 소비자로부터 직접적인 답변을 들을 수 있게 해주어, 새로운 사업 방향성과, 매출 전략, 지출 감소 그리고 사업 위험성을 줄 일수 있게 도와주는 블록체인 플랫폼입니다. 지속적으로 새로운 모듈을 제공함으로서 공용 블록체인과 개인 블록체인을 필요한 부분에 적용할 수 있게 합니다.

Prev. Close 282 Total Issue Quantity 5천만
Prev. Qty 2,143,705 INS Prev. Amount 607,930,185
Prev. High 293 Highest of the Year 1,355
Prev. Low 272 Lowest of the Year 217
호가단위 1 원 Market Cap $8million
매매단위 1 INS 컨펌시간 0

Place of Issue and Method

Insolar is a global team of 60+ people in North America and Europe, including a 35-strong engineering team with practical blockchain engineering know-how,
and 10 leading blockchain academics from major institutions (York University, ETH Zurich, Princeton).

INS token is designed to be used for staking, voting, payments and incentives

Functions and Distinct Features

Insolar is building a 4th generation blockchain platform for business aimed to enable seamless interactions between companies and unlock new growth opportunities.
In addition to the blockchain platform, Insolar will provide blockchain services and ecosystem support for companies that are looking to develop and deploy blockchain solutions.
Insolar will feature most complete and secure set of production-ready business blockchain tools and services to quickly build or launch blockchain enterprise applications,
accelerating the progression path from initial proof-of-concept to full-scale production.