Staking Service User Guide


  1. STEP.1I agree

    Log in and click the Agree to terms of service for immediate application

  2. STEP.2Held

    Buy or deposit virtual assets for staking

  3. STEP.3Dividends

    Airdrops will be provided at the amount of annual interest rate (%) based on the monthly holding quantity

Introduction and Precautions of Staking Service

  • Bithumb staking service utilizes virtual assets based on Pos (Proof of Stake) or dPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) algorithms that are listed on Bithumb.
  • Members who consent to the service will automatically be rewarded with an amount equal to the daily rate of return (annual interest/365) just by holding the virtual asset that the staking service supports.
  • Upon agreeing to the use of service, members will be distributed daily rewards as of 00:00 on the following day based on the quantity held on the previous day.
  • Daily reward calculation criteria = daily quantity held (time of snapshot) X daily rate of return per product (annual rate of return/365)
  • As for the daily quantity held, the snapshot of the previous day and the current day will be compared and the smaller value of two is to be applied. If the applied daily quantity held is less than the minimum quantity held per product, the daily reward will not be distributed.
  • We take a snapshot everyday at 00:00, but the time may vary depending on the product.
  • Reward Date = Daily rewards will be retroactive and the accumulated lump-sum will be distributed every Wednesday. The time of distribution may vary depending on the product. The period and date of distribution is subject to change.
  • Example of reward
    - January 1st : Service agreement
    - January 2nd : Become a member to be rewarded
    - January 3: (2, 3 day snapshot comparison) Daily compensation based on day2 of the smaller quantity
    - January 4: (3, 4 day snapshot comparison) Daily compensation based on day3 of the smaller quantity
  • Annual rate of return per product may be retained or may fluctuate on a daily basis.
  • Upon using the service, you do not have any restrictions against the use of any service provided by Bithumb, including deposit, withdrawal, and transaction.
  • If you wish to cancel the agreement to use the service, Please click the Cancel Agreement. Reward will be suspended from the applicable date.
  • If you cancel the agreement to use the service, you are not able to reapply the service on the same day. Reapplication is available from 00:00 the following day.
  • It is possible to check History of reward distribution on "your reward history and transaction history" menu.
  • If you consent to the terms of service, the virtual asset you hold will be used in every staking service are currently available and every possible staking service that may be added in the future.