Bithumb API Service Terms and Conditions

Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of the terms of service is to define and specify the conditions and necessary matters concerning the use of the \"Bithumb API Service\" provided by BTC Korea.Com Co., Ltd. (hereinafter the \"Company\")

Article 2 (Definitions)

The terms used herein shall have the meanings of the following subparagraphs.

  1. API (Application Programming Interface): Rules or messages used by application programs for communication with programs such as the Company's operating system or a management system for the server or database
  2. API Service (hereinafter \"This Service\"): A service where the Company externally reveals its API for members to link their applications, programs, or websites, so that the member-designated functions (including orders for transactions and information queries) can be processed
  3. Member: A person using this service

Article 3 (Modification of the Terms and Conditions)

  1. The Company may change these Terms and Conditions if necessary, by using 1 or more methods prescribed in each subparagraph below to notify members at least 7 days in advance of the effectuation date with the description of the amended contents and effectuation date. Provided that when the amendments are made unfavorable to members or when significant details are amended, the Company shall notify members of the above at least 30 days prior to the effectuation date.
    • Post on the Bithumb homepage under notifications or this service's page
    • Notify members using their registered email addresses
    • Notify members using their registered mobile phone numbers
  2. In the event where a member fails to expressly indicate his/her intent of refusal even when the Company clearly notifies members of the fact that any members who fail to indicate his/her intent at least 1 day before the effectuation date shall be deemed as having expressed his/her intent, the member concerned shall be deemed to have consented to the amended terms.
  3. If a member does not agree to the amended terms, the Company may not apply the amended terms, in which case, such a member may terminate this service. Provided that when there is a special circumstance where the existing terms cannot be applied, the Company may terminate this service.

Article 4 (Subsidiary Regulations)

  1. The Company may stipulate separate notices, individual terms of service, individual consents, user guidelines, operation policies and detailed guidelines other than these terms (collectively referred to as the \"Detailed Guideline\"), and may notify members of the above or attain consent to the above from members. And when any conflicts arise between these terms and the contents from the Detailed Guideline obtained consent from members, the Detailed Guideline shall supersede.
  2. All matters not prescribed by these terms and interpretations of these terms shall be subject to the Bithumb Terms and Conditions, Detailed Guideline, and applicable laws and regulations or generally accepted commercial practices.

Article 5 (Service Details)

  1. Items provided by the Company for this service are listed in the following subparagraphs.
    • Orders for purchasing, selling, and withdrawing cryptocurrencies, the orders for processing cancellations, and etc.
    • Information inquiries for transaction records, balance records, transaction settlement results, open cases, etc.
    • Inquiries for investment information such as market prices and asking prices
  2. The Company may make changes to a part or the whole of this service for fair operational and technical reasons. In this case, the Company must post the reason, detail, and date of the change in advance under notifications or this service's page.
  3. The Company may limit members' use of this service if there are concerns for system failure due to requests such as excessive order processing.

Article 6 (Members’ Obligations)

  1. Members must not perform the actions described in each subparagraph below while using this service.
    • Using another member's account (ID)
    • Using another person's name without being authorized
    • Obstructing the normal usage of the Service through data breach (hacking), etc.
    • Transferring to another person the data obtained through this service, including investment information, market prices, accounts, settlement details, balances, etc.
    • Developing a program that could be mistakenly construed as substituting or representing the Company
    • Obstructing the Company's business or defaming the Company
    • Violating applicable laws and regulations including the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection
  2. The Company may limit the use of this service or terminate the service agreement for this service for any breach by the member of the obligations in these terms or obstruction of normal operations for this service.

Article 7 (Members’ Management Obligations for Accounts, Passwords, etc.)

  1. The account management responsibility lies with the individual members and the results from using the accounts belong to the members. Therefore, members must personally manage their password or API Secret key and change them periodically to prevent unauthorized use of their account by other people.
  2. In the case where a member notices his/her account, password, or API Secret key being used by another person or in an illegal manner, the member must notify the Company immediately and follow the Company's instructions. In the case where the member does not notify of the above or does not follow the Company's instructions after notifying, the Company shall not be held liable for any disadvantages unless it arises from the Company's intent or negligence.

Article 8 (Limitation on Liability)

The Company shall not be held liable for the results of the member using this service or any losses to the member that arises from the descriptions in each of the following subparagraphs. Provided that the above shall not apply when the consequences arise from the intent or negligence of the Company.
  1. If the member does not follow these terms, the usage notifications for this service, specific instructions, or applicable laws and regulations
  2. If the loss occurred due to the reasons attributable to the member, such as issues in the member's electronic equipment or operation error of the electronic equipment
  3. If a dispute arises between members with this service as the medium
  4. If a member's individually developed program was used outside of the items provided by the Company for this service
  5. If a member's account, password, API Secret key or other information was leaked
  6. If a system error occurs due to rapid changes to the market price, order flooding, etc.
  7. If unavoidable problems occur to the service due to the malfunction or technical issues of the blockchain or the system managing issuance of cryptocurrency, faults of the telecommunication service provider, regular server maintenance, etc.
  8. If the service cannot be provided due to natural disaster, DDos attack, IDC problems, overwhelming traffic to the Service, problems with cables of common telecommunications business operators and other unavoidable causes
  9. If there are other reasons attributable to the member

Article 9 (Governing Laws and Jurisdiction)

  1. These terms shall be governed and interpreted by the Laws of the Republic of Korea. Any litigations between the Company and members shall be governed by the Laws of the Republic of Korea.
  2. All disputes and litigations between the Company and members concerning the use of this service shall be subject to the jurisdiction and venue of the courts in accordance with the procedures as prescribed by applicable laws and regulations.


  1. These terms shall be effective starting October 18, 2018.