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Listing Process Guideline

Bithumb is endeavoring to expand new investment opportunity for our customers though excavate and hand-pick promising projects. Also, we comply with government and FATF’s regulation to contribute with the development of a healthy Digital Asset markets.

In addition, Bithumb is playing a pivotal role and having a perception as being in a vanguard of Digital Asset industrial development. We operate [Bithumb Listing Process and Examination Guideline] as below, to strive for healthy Blockchain industrial development.

Listing Process

  1. 1. Submit Bithumb Korea Listing Application (

    • Provide Whitepaper, Technical review report, Technical/Business related documents, Prospectus of token distribution and sale, Legal opinions from 3rd parties, Compliance Indemnity Report, Pledge of ethics, etc

    • Bithumb Listing Checklist

      ※ Bithumb only accepts listing application via Bithumb Listing email( We do not receive any listing applications through other SNS channels, External intermediaries who does not belong to Bithumb Korea.

  2. 2. Internal / External Listing Evaluation

    • Cooperate with External Institutions to verify objectives.

    • Review and verify on listing eligibility with Listing Deliberation Committee including external professionals on Technical, Financial, Legal field.

  3. 3. Communicate with Foundation

  4. 4. Agreement with Bithumb listing / Marketing

  5. 5. List Project on Bithumb

Listing Examination

  1. * Business Model

    • Growth Potential with Project’s objective

    • Implementation of Business and Technical Roadmap

    • Business Durability and Potential of Value Creation

    • Infrastructure of related industries

  2. * Technical Capability

    • Suitability and Efficiency of Platform’s Architecture

    • Actuating Power of Block-chain Network

    • Technical and Implementation Capability

  3. * Observance of the Law

    • Observance of Government’s Regulation and Law 

  4. * Project‘s Economy

    • Stability of Token’s price and Economy

    • Rationality and Transparency of Token’s Distribution, Lock-up Period

  5. * Foundation’s Organizational Assessment

    • Intelligibility and Experience of Block-chain Economy

    • Status of Professional Manpower on related field and Establishment of Human Network

    • Invigoration status of International Activity and Communication channel which is targeted for investors

Development and Operating Expenses

Item Content Expense
Development and Operating Expenses Server construction, Wallet development and Node operating Expense Arrange on a Separate Agreement
Marketing Expense Foundation`s own Marketing and Event Expense Variant from each foundations

※ No additional expense comes at a cost for the listing. (Brokerage/Application/Examination fees, etc)

Bithumb continuously and systematically monitor projects after the listing based on Market fragmentation and Operational policy according to the Investment grade though the cooperation with partners and external professionals.
In addition, Bithumb tries to protect investors in cooperation with the designated foundations by ensuring transparency, accountability and value-asses services within the Block-chain ecosystem. We always wishes our fellow users to have best trading experience with us.