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Held asset verification
  •   Would you like to check your held assets?

    Held assets can be checked at Wallet management > Asset status.

    ① My assets : You can check the balance for each asset you hold.
      ② Asset details : You can check your held assets, value, and profit & loss.
      ③ Available assets for transaction : You can check the transaction status for each asset you hold.
      ④ Profit & loss status : You can refer to the investment profit/loss status per time period.


    ※ Profit & Loss Status shows the profit and loss calculated by the principal and the amount of net deposits made for a specified time period, which can be used as reference for profit assessment. Frequent deposits and withdrawals as well as their amounts may result in inaccurate assessment and differ from the actual profit and loss for the time period. So, please use this as reference only. We do not take responsibility for any loss in trading based on this data.

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