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Access API
  • ■  Do you wish to Access API?


    -  You can configure the API access feature in Account MGMT > API management.

    -  You can select 7 options under the API activation accessibility menu - Bithumb member's wallet informatiotn, orders, Buy order, Sell order, Trade cancellation, 

        Member's trade log, and Digital Asset Withdrawal.   

    -  We advise you to take caution when registering an API, especially when giving access to virtual assets

    [Security Authentication]


    -  Enter your security password.

    -  Request SMS authentication.

    -  Request SMS authentication, then click the Generate API KEY button.

    -  The activation button will appear below. Click the activation button to authenticate.

    -  Bithumb API is available for use by authentication through email and SMS for regular members and simplified members, respectively.

    [API list in use] 


    -  Copy the Secret Key from the list of API in use and manage it securely.

    -  Please keep the Secret Key issued in a secure place as you cannot view it again once you click the activation button.

    -  Please click the activation button. An API can be activated and used only if you click the activation button and authenticate by email or SMS.

    [General Sign-Up]



    -  If you are a regular member, you can check the authentication email sent to the email address you used to register.

    -  Please check the authentication email and verify to activate the API.

    ■  Do you wish to delete the API?


    -  To delete an API, click the Delete button in the list of API in use.

    -  Once an API Key is deleted, it cannot be restored.


    ■  You can configure an accessible IP.


    -  If you configure an IP, the API is available for use only from that IP.

    -  If you enter an address when configuring the API withdrawal, you will only be able to make withdrawals to that address.

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