Bull Lending

Renewed Lending Service

When the Market Rallies,
Borrow to Invest

  • Usage Fee
    0.01% Daily
  • Max. Limit
    200MM KRW
  • Period
    7 Days

What is Bull Lending?

Borrow virtual assets by setting aside virtual asset as collateral take advantage of a bull market by repaying the KRW equivalent of the borrowed units.

If the asset appreciates,
the price difference is profit.

How much collateral
is required to borrow?

Virtual asset selection
Desired Lending Units
Lending Rate
Required Collateral

0.0000 BTC

Maximize Profit
During a Bull Market!

이미지 내용 정보, 빌릴 때 시세 1BTC에 1천만원으로 가정했을때 가격이 상승하여 갚을 때 시세 1BTC에 2천만원한다고 하면 0.5 BTC만 상환하고, 차액인 0.5BTC 만큼 차액 수익을 얻게 되는것입니다.

Avoid the hassle and
paperwork with
one-click request

If you already hold the virtual asset and completed the required KYC, submit your request

  • Step 01Login
  • Step 02Submit Request
  • Step 03Funding Complete


  • Users must complete Level 2 KYC authentication to apply for the lending program. (Minors are not eligible for the service)

  • At the moment, Bitcoin and Ethereum are available for lending.

  • The available collateral balance excludes KRW balance deposited within 24 hours. Restricted cash is excluded from the available total asset balance, but after 24 hours, the deposited KRW balance will be included in the available collateral balance.

    For collateral raises, the 24 hour restriction is not placed on the newly deposited KRW amount.

  • At the maturity date, the lending will be automatically repaid at 00:00 time, the following day. The repayable amount is calculated by multiplying the asset market price at maturity by the borrowed units. If the repayable amount is greater than the borrowed assets, the corresponding collateral amount will be repossessed for the shortfall, and additional fees will be incurred.

  • Service fee is incurred on a daily basis at the service fee rate from the lending start date until maturity, unless the lending is prepaid within 3 days, in which case a minimum of 3 days service fee will be incurred.

  • Prepayment is possible, fees are calculated on a daily basis.
    However, if the lending period is less than the min. period of 3 days, then the fee will be calculated for 3 days.
    Addtional fee occur for using collateral for repayment.

  • Lending rate is calculated by dividing the borrowed amount by the collateral. If the collateral devalues along with a decrease in the market price, then the lending rate will increase.

  • If the lending rate increases above 84%, a notice for the need to increase collateral will be sent; above 88%, notice of impending auto-repayment will be sent; above 92%, irregardless of maturity date, the assets will be automatically sold.

  • At the Bull Lending page, users can increase the collateral amount.

  • After submitting a request, details are available by clicking "Lending > Bull Lending > Transaction Details" at the top of the Bithumb homepage.

Service Guide


Registered Bithumb user who have completed Level 2 KYC (Minors are not eligible)

Request Limit

Min. 100,000 KRW, Max. 100,000,000 KRW

Number of applications available

20 times a day

※ AM12 Count apply reset.

Lending Rate

Up to 80%

Lending Period

7 days

※ Min. 7 days

Request Method

Borrow up to 80% of the same virtual asset by collateralizing the assets in possession

Text Alerts

1 notice/day will be sent when the lending rate exceeds the following thresholds:

  • If lending rate exceeds 84%, additional collateral required notice
  • If lending rate exceeds 88%, impending auto-repayment notice
  • If lending rate exceeds 92%, auto-repayment completed notice
Repayment at Maturity

The equivalent KRW value of the borrowed units (including Usage Fee) will be repaid at maturity.


Zero fee for prepayment. Incur 0.1% when collateral used for repayment

If lending is prepaid within 7 days of the borrowing date, a min. Usage Fee for 7 days will be incurred.

  • The day after maturity, at 00:00 time, the KRW equivalent of the borrowed units will be collected as the repayment amount.
  • If the lending rate exceeds 92%, the KRW equivalent of the borrowed units will be collected as the repayment amount.
Usage Fee

ex) Annual 18.25% (Daily 0.05%)

Calculation: (Requested lending units x market price at request) x Period x 0.05%


① BTC Price at Request : 1 BTC = 10,000,000

② BTC Price at Maturity : 1 BTC = 20,000,000

③ Requested Units : 1.0 BTC (=10,000,000)

PeriodUsage Fee (Daily 0.05%)Repayable Units at Maturity
7Days0.0035 BTC0.5035 BTC
15Days0.0075 BTC0.5075 BTC
30Days0.0150 BTC0.5150 BTC
50Days0.0250 BTC0.5250 BTC
Additional Fees

If repayment is initiated, repossessed collateral balance required for repayment will incur additional (0.1%) fee

※ Calculation : :
((Repayable Amount at Maturity/Price at Maturity)-Actual Repayment Units)X Additional Fee(0.1%)