Lend Bitcoin and Ethereum!
Virtual Asset Lending
  • During market downturns
    Lending becomes profit
    Borrow virtual asset with KRW as collateral!
    Borrow and sell when the prices are high, buy and process repayment when the prices are low and take away the difference!
    (Repayment is processed with the amount of virtual asset you have borrowed)
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    • Usage fee FREE
    • Max 0.1Billion KRW
    • Term 3~50Day
  • During market upturns
    Lending becomes profit
    Borrow KRW with virtual asset as collateral!
    Lending itself is profitable because repayment is made under the KRW exchange rate!
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  • The following service is offered respectively from DeFi, Delio to conveniently trade virtual asset.
  • For inquiries and details regarding service use, please contact each company. 
  • The following service is not affiliated with Bithumb and we do not hold responsibility for losses occurred during the use of this service so please be cautious when using this service.